Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply to participate in the Sofia Art Fair?

The Sofia Art Fair exhibition area is divided into two main spaces:
A) Central exhibition with paid participation, distributed between 5m2 and 20m2 in exhibition booths. can apply for participation in the central exhibition:
– Commercial galleries with a focus on contemporary art: a physical space with a central or partial focus on authors and works of contemporary art, performing commercial activity
– Project spaces for contemporary art: a physical space functioning on a project basis with or without commercial activity, which, within the framework of the exhibition, aims to sell contemporary works.
– Artistic/Creative collectives: a composition of at least two visual artists; a composition of two or more visual artists in collaboration with a curator, art critic, or art dealer.
B) Additional exhibition, smaller in size, shaped like a gallery – free participation. Only and only: can apply for this space.
– Emerging Bulgarian visual artists up to 30 years of age.

What is the application process?

Please provide all the necessary information in the form below. Kindly specify if you are a gallery/collective or an emerging Bulgarian contemporary artist. The required details include your name, country of origin, address, contact information, TIN, VAT registration (if applicable), and general information. Please ensure you have entered a valid email address and contact phone number.

Attach the required files, including information about the collective/gallery and portfolio of the authors you are applying with. These files should be prepared in an accessible format and may contain links to sites or social media.

All applicants, including emerging artists, must pay a €10 application fee via the website. Legal entities may request an invoice.

What are the participation fees for galleries, project spaces, and collectives?

The fees for the exhibition are determined based on the size of the exhibition area (Booth).
Exhibition area Booth – floor (sq. m) Exhibition area – walls (linear meters) Participation fee (in euros):

The participation fee is not paid to Bulgarian artists under 30.

When and how will I be notified if I am approved to participate?

A) If you are applying to Galleries, Project Spaces, and Collectives, you will receive an email notification within two weeks about whether your application has been approved or rejected. Applying earlier can give you an advantage as it may increase your chances of acceptance. If the jury requires further information, they will request it via email within two weeks of your application.
B) The jury will consider applications from emerging contemporary authors up to 30 years old. The deadline for submitting the applications is April 15th. After the deadline, the jury will review all the applications within two weeks. Each applicant will receive a final response within three weeks of the application deadline.

What are the steps after I have received notification that my gallery/space/collective has been approved for participation?

In the email notifying you of your participation selection, you will receive detailed instructions on what to do next.

After approval, you have 14 days to sign a contract with the organizer and pay 50% of the entry fee. The remaining 50% must be paid by July 31st, 2024.

The approved candidate should provide photos (size and quality will be communicated by email) of the specific works that will be exhibited in his exhibition space by 31.07.2024. These images are required for the event catalog.

When applying for the Sofia Art Fair, it is mandatory to read and agree to the General Terms and Conditions. These conditions cover all other procedures related to the arrangement and conduct of the fair.

As a gallery or collective, can I choose in advance not only the area but also the specific location of the pavilion in the exhibition to which I will apply?

Traditionally, the positioning of each participant at art fairs is delegated to the event’s artistic director or curatorial team. The main objective is to create an overall balanced look that is consistent and attractive to the audience.

If I am an artist/space that does not function as a legal entity, how will I sell works at the Sofia Art Fair?

We can help you implement commercial activity. The specific method will depend on your unique situation, which we will discuss with you individually. Regardless, we’ll ensure you have the opportunity to succeed.

As a participating contemporary art gallery, am I required to apply with works by living authors?
No, the only one, is a requirement that the works fall into the “contemporary art” category.

If desired, can I pay for additional services to provide further visibility to the organization and my Booth within the exhibition?

The Organizer provides various media services to the Exhibitors for promotion, which the Exhibitors can use at their discretion, namely:
– Internet platforms with accessible photos and information about the Exhibitors;
– exhibition catalog

If an exhibitor wants to make use of any extra advertising services, such as newsletters, social media, or podcast participation, they should inform the organizer within 14 days of receiving confirmation of participation. The organizer may provide these services for an additional fee of 350 euros, which should be paid as specified by the organizer.

What audience are you expecting at the event, and how many?

The first edition of Sofia Art Fair aims to attract three main groups of audience.
1. VIP guests include art collectors and patrons from Bulgaria and abroad, as well as individuals from a variety of sectors who possess a pronounced taste for art and are central partners of the event.
2. A diverse audience interested in arts and culture, introduced to contemporary art as lovers and consumers.
3. Specialized audience: curators, gallerists from Bulgaria and abroad, specialists in the arts, representatives of art schools and creative guilds, students, and students with an arts profile.

Will there be a program that goes along with it? If so, what will it include?

Yes, the accompanying program will be vibrant and varied. It will include curated tours that reveal more details about the exhibited works, presentations by eminent personalities from Bulgaria and abroad on topics from the world of art including business, education, trends, and technologies, a VR space for those who enjoy this type of experience, a profiled program with international specialists focusing on the most critical professional cases from the world of contemporary art, and informal meetings with artists and specialists.

If you are still looking for an answer to your questions here and in the GENERAL TERMS for holding the event, you can write to us at, and you will receive an answer within 48 hours.

Questions about participation in the Sofia Art Fair can be asked up to 14 days before the deadline for participation. All questions will be answered up to 10 days before the entry deadline.